Help on Wheels

Help on Wheels

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Launch of ‘Help on Wheels’ to collect and distribute food to the needy.


On 73rd Republic Day, Snehshilp Foundation launched its initiative of ‘Help on Wheels’ which is a van that runs across the city and collects the extra food from the kitchens of the religious places and offers it to people who are unable to manage the daily food needs of their family. Currently, this van is plying in selected areas and is already reaching out to more than 1000 people per day. With efforts of volunteers at SnehShilp Foundation, we aim to take this number to 10,000 people soon.


Hygiene and Sanitation


Snehshilp Foundation’s commitment to improving health and sanitation for those in need is a noble initiative that deserves recognition and praise. With a focus on the well-being of construction site workers, the foundation has taken on the responsibility of providing much-needed health and hygiene resources to those who cannot afford them.


By donating health and sanitation kits, the foundation has ensured that workers at construction sites have access to the necessary tools and supplies to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. The donation of sanitary pads to women workers is especially noteworthy, as menstruation is often a taboo topic and access to sanitary products can be limited for those in impoverished communities. By providing these products, Snehshilp Foundation is empowering women and promoting gender equality in the workplace.


Moreover, the foundation’s efforts to organize health checkup camps, blood donation drives, and dental check-ups are commendable. These initiatives are critical in detecting and preventing illnesses and diseases that can have a severe impact on the lives of workers and their families. The foundation’s efforts to promote good health practices will ultimately result in a healthier, more productive workforce.


In summary, Snehshilp Foundation’s dedication to improving health and sanitation for those in need is a vital initiative that will have a lasting impact on the lives of many. By providing essential resources and organizing health checkups and camps, the foundation is making a significant contribution to society. It is essential that more organizations follow in their footsteps to ensure that every individual has access to adequate health and hygiene resources.



Saving the gift called life


The world needs more blood than we can ever imagine. SnehShilp Foundation organized a blood donation drive in association with Red Cross Society with the noble intent of saving lives. People came forward and donated blood for the ones in need. We understood that tears and empathy will not save lives. We set out on the fearless mission of contributing our bit to the world. We also conducted a similar drive during Covid. Our team had managed to collect blood from over 50 volunteers and had supplied it to the critical covid patients.


Our efforts gave a second chance to live to many. We realized that we cannot live only for ourselves. We thank each person who came forward and became a hero for someone, somewhere.

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