RahelBa Vrudhashram

Rahelba vrudhashram, located in Magodi, Gandhinagar, is an old age home that provides shelter to the elderly who are often neglected by their families or have no one to look after them. However, the Snehshilp Foundation has stepped forward to help these elderly individuals and has adopted the old age home. The foundation has pledged to take care of all the elders residing there by providing them with food, shelter, and medical assistance.

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The Snehshilp Foundation’s contribution towards the welfare of the elderly at Rahelba vrudhashram is commendable, and their efforts serve as an inspiration for others to come forward and make a difference in the lives of those who are often forgotten and neglected in our society.

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Snehshilp Foundation extends its compassionate reach to the elderly residents of Vriddhashram, offering essential support and companionship. Through dedicated sponsorship, they ensure that the elderly community experiences enhanced care, a better quality of life, and a sense of belonging. By joining hands with Snehshilp Foundation, you contribute to providing much-needed comfort and dignity to our seniors. Together, we create a world where our elders are cherished, their needs met, and their wisdom and experiences celebrated. Join us in making a difference for those who have enriched our lives.

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By conducting donation of Food drives, we are providing food to needy people to eat meals and not go hungry stomach to all those who need it the most.


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Food Donated

By conducting clothes and footwear drives, we are providing a platform for people to donate their excess clothing and footwear to those who need it the most.


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Site Shala is an educational program uplifting children of construction workers. We provide basic education and skill development to children aged 3-14, who lack access to formal education.

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Make a difference in your community – join us as a volunteer for our upcoming donation drive and be the catalyst for positive change.

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