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On 73rd Republic Day, Snehshilp Foundation launched its initiative of ‘Help on Wheels’ which is a van that runs across the city and collects the extra food from the kitchens of the religious places and offers it to people who are unable to manage the daily food needs of their family. Currently, this van is plying in selected areas and is already reaching out to more than 1000 people per day. With efforts of volunteers at SnehShilp Foundation, we aim to take this number to 10,000 people soon.

Investing in People
One plate, many hearts, endless smiles.

The intention behind this initiative is to provide free medical check-ups, medication and healthcare facilities for substance abuse and mental health at doorstep to the larger community who do not have access to good quality medical support.

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45 Km

We make a difference

We are sharing meals & spreading love

Snehshilp Foundation is a beacon of hope, committed to eradicating hunger one meal at a time. With unwavering dedication, they collect and distribute nutritious meals to the less fortunate. Their selfless efforts bridge the gap between abundance and scarcity, nurturing bodies and souls in need. Join their noble cause today.

Contact us to collect your extra food !

+91 90544 91237
we make diffrence
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Clothing Matters

Food Donated

By conducting clothes and footwear drives, we are providing a platform for people to donate their excess clothing and footwear to those who need it the most.


RahelBa Vrudhashram


RahelBa Vrudhashram, located in Magodi, Gandhinagar is an old age home that provides shelter to the elderly who are often neglected by their families or have no one to look after them.


Site Shala

Going to Schools

Site Shala is an educational program uplifting children of construction workers. We provide basic education and skill development to children aged 3-14, who lack access to formal education.

Contact us to collect extra food

Our team are collect the extra food from all areas where we can reach and distribute it to needed peoples. If you have extra/wastage food you can contact us on this contact.

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