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Snehal Brahmbhatt

Business Woman | Fitness Motivator | Traveller | Fashion Lover

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A sneak peek about her


Born to a humble family in a small town, Snehal Brahmbhatt is the eldest sibling. She has always been a responsible sister and a loving daughter. Dedicated at heart, Snehal went on to complete here Masters in Strategic Management.


With a stricter father and a softer mother, Snehal boasts of her value system, beliefs and ethics that come straight from her proud parents. She also has deep respect for her grandparents who made her understand the difference between right and wrong and also uncover the true meaning of devotion.


Snehal found her dream man in Yash and is blessed with two lovely kids who mean life to her. With all the love and care that she received, she was always on the lookout for her true calling. Fitness happened to her and ended up turning her into an enthusiast and proud owner of a fitness and pilates studio.


New always thrills Snehal Brahmbhatt. The fitness studio wasn’t enough and she decided to join her family business. Today she is a businesswoman, fierce yet soft, decisive yet moody, focused yet loving. She is a total delight to work with. She dresses impeccable and her fashion sense is remarkable.

Let the good work speak for itself

Her works


Once Snehal Brahmbhatt made it to the top with being the most promising fitness expert in the city, she never looked back. Her urge for more got her into her family business of real estate. And yet another facet of her personality got uncovered.

Today, Snehal has rightfully made it to the COO of Shilp Group and is spearheading the accounting and finance operations in the organisation. Owing to her interest and sheer dedication towards Shilp, she also oversees the PR, Communication and Media Relations of the group. A magnificent mix of dynamism and dedication, Snehal willingly contributes towards vital decisions in the organisation.

shilp group
shilp group
Yasmin Karachiwala Body Image

Snehal Brahmbhatt is a firm believer of diligence. She believes that talent is an overrated word sometimes. She began her professional journey out of her passion. She just made it happen with her venture – Yasmin Karachiwala Body Image, Ahmedabad and shocked everyone.

Snehal opines that what it takes is a combination of thoughtfulness, focus and earnest efforts. A fitness motivator at heart, Snehal has brought about a turnaround in so many lives, making people fitter, stronger and confident. She is more passionate than anyone else and boasts of a great team which is highly trained and certified to help people at the Body Image studio.