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The act of giving is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling actions that we as humans can undertake. And when it comes to donating clothes and footwear, the impact that it can have on someone’s life can be tremendous. For many of us, clothing and footwear are essentials that we take for granted. But for those who are less fortunate, they can be a luxury that they simply cannot afford.

Investing In People
Wardrobe of love, donate to help.

The act of giving can bring immense joy and fulfillment to both the donor and the receiver. Initiatives like the clothes and footwear drives conducted by Snehshilp Foundation not only provide a means for people to donate their excess clothing and footwear but also promote the values of minimalism and sustainability.

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Snehshilp Foundation, a beacon of compassion, extends its warm embrace to the less fortunate by spearheading a transformative clothing donation initiative. With boundless empathy, they collect gently used clothes and distribute them to those in need, offering not just garments but also dignity and hope. Through their relentless commitment, they ensure that the marginalized feel the warmth of community support. Join Snehshilp Foundation in weaving a tapestry of kindness and making a tangible difference in the lives of the less privileged.

we make diffrence
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Help on Wheels

Food Donated

By conducting donation of Food drives, we are providing food to needy people to eat meals and not go hungry stomach to all those who need it the most.


RahelBa Vrudhashram


RahelBa Vrudhashram, located in Magodi, Gandhinagar is an old age home that provides shelter to the elderly who are often neglected by their families or have no one to look after them.


Site Shala

20k +
Going to Schools

Site Shala is an educational program uplifting children of construction workers. We provide basic education and skill development to children aged 3-14, who lack access to formal education.

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Make a difference in your community – join us as a volunteer for our upcoming donation drive and be the catalyst for positive change.

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