Birthday made special


A birthday to remember!

Benzir wanted to celebrate her birthday differently this time. She wanted to cut a cake but with someone special. She also wanted the attention but from someone else. That’s when she decided to come to Sneh Shilp Foundation. Being a fond lover of kids and a mother to a one-year-old herself, Benzir decided to spend her special day with the slum kids. Her experience was unexplainable. She said she felt an inner joy being with the kids. They made her feel special like never before. With teary eyes she said that sometimes we get so much from the ones we never expect from. A true example of strangers becoming pals.

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Right to enjoy!

Sweets to the sweet

We all yearn for sweets. This time our volunteers thought of honoring the sweet tooth of little ones. Realizing that they might not be getting to taste them often, we shared chocolates and cookies with these sweethearts. Imagine, on one hand, there might be so many who might not be getting to even taste a chocolate, on the other hand, it might be a home stock for many.

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